Even an old car can look new with good auto detailing! Auto detailing is what causes some vehicles to look so bright and shiny. Getting it is a great way to keep your car looking nice and new. Extreme cleaning, waxing, and polishing of paint, windows, wheel polishing, and windshield repair can preserve resale value of the car and preserve it’s lifespan. It can also take a long time to do, even for the experienced professional for car detailing services.

The Detailing Pros are auto detailing professionals who specialize in car detailing and car detail training and services. Our detailing services are unmatched as we offer special services like paintless dent removal and headlight restoration. The auto detail training seminars offered provide attendees with the certification and licensing necessary to start their own car detailing business. In addition, The Detailing Pros detailing services are available to give your vehicle the exclusive eco-friendly treatment it deserves. Contact The Detailing Pros today at (888) 959-6367 to schedule an appointment for auto detailing service or to attend their car detail training program.